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Article Directory Submission

Article Directory Submission

Article Directory Submission

Generally, it is know that Article Directory Submission is the process of submitting an Article to a registered directory. The directory collects and stores the Article in a database for readers and references. Typically, this could be a website with collections of articles written concerning totally different subjects. Therefore, an article directory could settle for new articles from any contributor. However, this article needs to be exclusive and not spun. A article has many characteristics. First, the typical article is around 400-500 words. Second, a Author box is provided for private data about the author. Finally, a link to the author’s website is included.

Also, article writing is a good way for writer to earn regular passive income. Specially, when several directories pay the authors for their participation. Furthermore, some directories review articles before they are published. Thus, this helps to eliminate bad submissions, together with duplicate articles, spam and spun articles.

Article Submission for SEO

Now, Article directories permit users to submit distinctive articles to the directory for content syndication. These directories permit articles to generate links to different websites with relevant anchor text. Commonly, article directory is a authority site and is perpetually crawled by bots. Therefore, Webmasters Submit Articles with relevant anchor text linking back to their website to get backlinks.

Recently, what happened was that, beginning with the Google Penguin, Google began to penalize sites that obtained links from article directories. In 2012, then, Matt Cutts, head of Google’s net spam team, announce a video specifically warning against the employment of article directories for SEO Link Building. The large issue with submitting to article directories, must do with lack of editorial oversight. Therefore, this implies that just about any article will be superimposed to the directory. Thus, this leads to duplicate content everywhere, this is extremely discouraged by Google.

Article Submission Service by Sigma SEO Clerks

Today, here at Sigma SEO Clerks, our Freelancers can submit to article directories for SEO Link Building. Typically, article will get submitted to Article submission directories like Wikis, WordPress, and more. Upon completion, you will receive a full report of the submissions. For example, if we submit 100 articles, then 100 links will be live. Therefore, having 2 links in each article will give you 200 instant backlinks.

Basically, if you are looking to gain extra backlinks, or just to get the word out about your website or service, we can help. We can promote any page required, including YouTube Videos, Websites, Facebook Fan Pages, etc.

Now, you are welcome to use multiple URLs and anchor texts. Here, we will also offer 2nd tier linking as a service extra. And, we can find content for you if you don’t have any ready, but please note that PLR content is very generic and may not be specifically about your exact service. We can deliver your order within 5 days.

Note, this service is about Article Directory Submission Service. Thus, to learn more about this and other Sigma SEO Services, please Register Now, Free Registration, Click Here.

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Now, we have nothing marvellous to mention regarding Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter ( Here, we spin article to use in multiple programs. Programs  like Traffic Kahuna, Free Traffic System, Article Drip and many others. Furthermore, article submission is very time consuming if you do it by hand. And, it is also extraordinarily tough to seek outsourcers with skills for a good value.

Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter is one of the solution for this submission problem. Truly, it has cut our spinning time by 2 thirds. In essence, this means we are outputting three times the content and getting three times the backlinks in the same amount of time. Thereby, not only that, but it is so affordable at only $47, you’ll be able to submit your articles to 700 completely different directories in five minutes. Finally, if you are a content vendor or simply wish to come up with sensible backlinks, then you wish Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter. Today, learn more about this Article Submission Software , please visit Magic Article Rewriter and Submitter’s official site.

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