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SEO Multimedia

What is SEO Multimedia?

Most of us feel comfortable to read those articles or blogs that have engrossing images or videos in them rather than those that do not. So the presence of multimedia on your website indicates the quality of your website. This eventually leads your site to the higher position in the SEO ranking. The job of Search Engine Optimisation is to ensure the relevance of multimedia contents used in your website.

So, what are Multimedia Contents?

Multimedia Contents are things that retain the curiosity of a visitor. These can be images, videos, audio tracks or podcasts attached on your website. Researchers claim that websites that contain engaging multimedia are more likely to boost their traffic for a longer period of time than the websites with written documents alone. Take for an example, in Facebook, the posts with images are the ones people tend to read more than those that do not have interesting images. Same thing applies in the case of the websites. SEO makes sure your multimedia is optimised. Remember, adding appealing multimedia contents to your website is a subtle marketing strategy that works like magic!

Optimizing Images in SEO

An image plays a vital role in piquing the attention of a visitor. Hence you must ensure that the photograph is relevant and interesting. This is where you need the assistance of an expert SEO.

The image can be a photograph, infograph, chart, graph, illustration, minimalistic art or even a meme. Anything that is updated with pop culture references are better appreciated by the visitors.

Tips to Achieve Optimization in Images

First, you need to carefully select an image that is relevant to your website content. It’s also important that you try to provide a new image created by your company rather than borrowing other people’s work.

Second, you need to understand that in general people prefer unique images. Yet, if you display other people’s work, don’t forget to cite the artist’s name. Otherwise, your work will not carry any value.

Third, you need to make sure to use images that the search engines can read. For example, PNG, JPEG or GIF file formats.

Fourth, is to use catchy phrases with proper keywords to describe your images, i.e, Alt Text. You never know, your catch phrase may someday turn into the next hyped meme. This will automatically promote your site now and in the future.

Fifth, try to make sure your description is as brief as possible. That means, do not make the description too long. Otherwise, the readers will get bored and skip your message.

Finally, try to keep your image size as small as possible. This will help load your website faster. Also you can use JPEG instead of PNG, try it and see the difference.

Optimizing Videos in SEO

People prefer brief video explanations than lengthy texts. The rising popularity of YouTube is an unwavering proof to that claim. In modern times, most of us lack the patience to read a long piece of writing. Here’s where a video comes in handy.

Here are a couple of tips on optimizing videos in your website:

· Like images, use videos that the search engines can crawl. Try to use MPG, MPEG, MOV, M4V and WMV as your video format.

· If you host your video in YouTube, make sure your website URL appear several times on the screen.

· In the description, try to use keywords.

· You may use subtitles if you show your video on YouTube.

Optimizing audio and podcast in SEO

Not only music, you can add audio files and podcasts on your website. But make sure the quality of sound is not ragged. Just like the video and image files, write the description and title in proper keywords.

If you want to thrive in the virtual competition among websites, obtain Search Engine Optimization for your website. And the easiest way to achieve that is through multimedia contents. SEO structures your website in such a way that aids the SEO ranking system for your website.

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