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Now, visit SEO Submission Service and discover how to use different types of Directory Submission to Submit URL and increase Search Engine Ranking.

SEO Submission Service

SEO Submission Service

SEO Submission Service

Generally, Directory SEO Submission Service is a unique and effective submission method for search engine optimisation. Therefore, it is great way of creating the all important backup links. And, importantly, it is very important to choose the right type of directory to make your submission. Importantly, as this will improve your ranking in the search engine results.  On the other hand, if you want to dominate the SEO competition. Typically, it is a must that you choose the right directory to make your SEO submission.

Different SEO Directories

Normally, SEO Directories can be divided into Eight different categories. First, it is the free directory submission service. Second, it is reciprocal regular web directory listing. Third, it is the paid directory submission. Fourth, it is automatic directory submission. Fifth, it is the manual directory submission. Sixth, it is the no follow directory submission. Seventh, it is the do follow directory submission, and. Finally, it is the niche directory submission.

Different SEO Submission Service

Now, we will discuss on all of these different types of directories briefly. This is, so that you get a good idea on what each of them is and, which is best one to apply.

Free Directory Submission

Here, as the name suggests Free Directory Submissions are absolutely free of charge. No one will charge you money for submitting to these directories. Generally, Free Submission service is very hard to get approved by the administrator. Even if it gets approved, it will take a considerable amount of time. So, this may not be your ideal submission type if you are planning to make a submission on a short time.

Reciprocal Directory Listing

Basically, when you submit your page through Reciprocal Directory Listing you must submit a reciprocal link along with your submission. Once, upon submission the administrator will approve your SEO submission and activate your reciprocal link.

Paid Directory Submission

Traditionally, the Paid Directory Submission is the paid form of submission. Here, the partner of the submission site will charge you a certain amount of fee for your SEO Submission. Thereby, your submission will be included at the time of payment. Sometimes, this listing process can take up to 24 hours of making the payment. Thus, it is a quick way of getting back links to your submission. Usually, the payment packages have a monthly, weekly or annual payment options.

Automatic Directory Submission

Normally, Automatic Directory Submission uses various software. And, this  includes your SEO submissions automatically in the directories. Now, this method of submission is easy and saves a lot of amount of time. Hence, the submission process is done by the software.

Manual Directory Submission

Simply, page rank cheating is not allowed. Specially with all the major leading search engines, such as Google. Plus, Automatic Submission is very easy to do. However, it can include lots of unpopular Directory Submission, which can be seen as manipulative by the search engines. So, sometimes it is wise to use the Manual Directory Submission even if it is time consuming.

No Follow Directory Submission

Therefore, No follow Directory Submissions are questionable practice in the SEO world. We must use our ethical view to choose whether to accept no follow directory submission or not.

Do Follow Directory Submission

However, all of us online content creators want to boost your pages in the search engines. Therefore, Do Follow Directory Submissions play a huge role in getting good quality back links.

Niche Directory Submission

Lastly, Niche directories are dedicated directories for a specific type of audience. Niche Directory Submissions only contain blog, scripts, web hosting companies and RSS feeds.

So, these are the 8 main types of SEO Directory Submission. Hopefully you will find the article useful in your journey as a SEO manager.

SEO Submission Service by Sigma SEO Clerks

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