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What is SEO?

What is SEO?

The real Answer to What is SEO?

Normally, you may have wondered why some articles rank higher in the search engine results than the others. Well, you want your articles to be deemed important than the rest, right? Now, is there any way you can avail the top priority in the search engine results without investing a substantial amount of money? Naturally, this answer is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in short. So, what is SEO? Well, basically, SEO is a method that whisks traffic to your website and make your website rank higher in the search results. This process is unpaid and natural.

What makes Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Special?

Well, here is three important factors, which makes Search Engine Optimisation special. First, Optimisation manages the amount of visitors coming to your website. The program ensures the quality of visitors by suggesting relevant visitors to your website. Second, the more visitors you get, the more money you make. Naturally, Search Engine Optimization avails the quantity of visitors. Finally, websites invest a huge chunk of money on promotional activities. But Engine Optimisation brings forth organic traffic which is free of cost.

Does your website need Search Engine Optimization?

Yes, you can promote your website through social media. Today, the lion’s share of the web traffic is controlled by search engines. Therefore, if visitors can not find your website in the search results, your website will not be given the least priority. And without the help of Engine Optimisation, it is not possible to attract visitors without giving up a big portion of your fortune. Thus, Search Optimization increases the number of visitors to your site and improve your ranking.

How does Search Engine Optimization work?

Now, if you type your queries in Google or Bing, you get instant list of results flashed before your eyes. Reality is, the results may take a couple of seconds to appear, but the mechanism behind this is much complex. First, the crawlers in the search engines look for suitable information on the web. Then the search engines perform indexing by rummaging the perfect keywords that matches the search. Therefore, by optimizing your website, you can attract crawling and improve indexing on your website. Once indexing is compete, the search engines process and calculate relevancy of the results using manifold algorithms. And then, the result is displayed with the process of retrieving. Thereby, Search Engine Optimisation makes sure all the things that is required to make your website appear in the search results.

Can you do SEO for yourself?

Basically, yes you may learn SEO for yourself or get an expert to tackle all the complications. Simply, all you need is enthusiasm and hard work.

Types of Search Engine Optimisation

Now, here is two types of Search Engine Optimisation techniques. First, the White Hat SEO and second is the Black Hat SEO. Therefore, the White Hat SEO uses multiple techniques to improve their ranking in the search results. And, the Black Hat SEO uses unfair tricks using the flaws in the algorithms of search engines to higher the rank of websites in the web results.

In a nutshell, Search Engine Optimization is an online promotional strategy. Whereby, Search Optimization analyzes the mechanism of search engines and the tendency of people’s search in the web. Thus, the Optimization determines which keywords is frequently being searched on the engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo. Another task of Search Optimization is to determine which search engine is the most preferred by the majority of the users. So, how does Search Engine Optimization aid your website? Well, the answer is from HTML to coding,  even goes to that extent to correct the content of your website by adding proper keywords.

SEO Services by Sigma SEO Clerks

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